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Amy Marsh
13:37 21 May 19
Outstanding program. Note I did not say easy. Turning the care of my daughter over to Eva Carlston was one of the hardest and very best decisions I have ever made. In just over 12 months, she completed the therapeutic program and received her high school school diploma. My daughter was sent away because a lifetime of interventions had all failed and she was spiraling toward disaster. Today, she cares about who she is and where she is going, and has the emotional and logistical tools to make it happen. Our relationship is stronger than it has been in many years. Hard to ask for more than that. I would make the same choice in a heartbeat.If you are considering sending your daughter to Eva Carlston Academy, more details would likely be welcome. It is my intent to provide a more in-depth review. In the meantime though, I hope my overall sentiment is helpful.
Becky Makous
23:05 18 May 19
I attended Eva Carlston Academy in 2011 as a student. It was difficult work but ultimately very satisfying, and I learned a lot about myself, and about the world, in ways that help me to this day. The therapist I had was incredible and I feel very grateful for the individualized treatment plan I received. The family teachers are dedicated and often very caring souls. I am grateful for my time at Eva Carlston.
Marianna Voorhees
17:42 23 Mar 19
Eva Carlston Academy was the best thing that happened to our daughter and our family. They are caring, nurturing and teach the students to respond to daily routines using the old fashioned style of giving consequences and earning privileges. Our daughter made remarkable changes in her due time that was needed. They worked with her by having patience and empathy. They are very caring and the the therapists are outstanding and know how to read when the student is truthful. They get to the root of the problem. The school at ECA is excellent and my daughter actually loved the classes and learned to love reading. She has responded well to the art classes especially. The Art teacher has brought out a side to my daughter that we did not know she had. We appreciate everything Kristi and her team has done. five stars all the way!
Jodi Mead Kilroy
21:35 20 Mar 19
I highly recommend this school. The directors and managers do an excellent job of leading their team to empower struggling young women and girls. Our daughter entered Eva Carlston January 2018 and graduated March 2019 with her high school diploma. I can’t say enough about the high quality of all aspects the program – this includes therapy, academics, milieu and outside activities. Before Eva were desperate for help with our “troubled teen” and it seemed as though nothing was working. At Eva: her therapist was compassionate and understanding of her feelings while holding her accountable for her actions; group therapy showed her that she is not alone in her feelings; she learned how to participate and connect with her peers in a healthy manner in the milieu ; she learned how to work through frustration in school positively and calmly, and not give up.Our journey is not over but our family now has the tools for a positive future.
Emma Lubben
22:40 22 Feb 19
Eva Carlston completely changed my life. I attended Eva almost 3 years ago, after going through Wilderness therapy twice as well as a co-ed therapeautic boarding school which I found to be even more detrimental to my therapeautic process. Upon coming to Eva I was in a terrible place and did not want to grow as a person. The family teachers, my therapist, the directors, and the other girls there helped encourage me to want to get better, and I can honestly say that I would not be in nearly the same emotional state I am now without these beautiful relationships I developed. I still talk to the other girls that were there to this day, almost 3 years after I graduated. This program is run much better than the other programs I had attended, and creates a sense of safety in a very scary time for most of the girls there. I would not trade my experience here for the world, and would do it over again if I had a chance to change my life. Absolutely everyone can benefit from this program. Eva Carlston gave me my life back, and I am excited to go back and intern there this summer because I truly want to give back for what they have done for me.
Frederick Houston
18:49 02 Jan 19
Kristi and her entire team are committed to helping their students. They have created a great environment in which the girls can heal as they find their voices. Lexi, our daughter’s therapist is terrific. She was totally invested in helping our daughter. Placing a child in residential care is a very difficult decision no matter the circumstances. Eva Carlston was absolutely the best place for our daughter and for our family. We are very thankful.
Ellen Weber
15:21 18 Oct 18
I can't say enough positive things about this program. We explored several programs after a wilderness intervention and Eva was by far our top choice. Living in beautiful houses outside of Salt Lake City and having the opportunity to experience cultural and sporting events nearby, this was an ideal environment for our daughter. We felt she was in great hands, with terrific therapists and in an environment that was conducive to positive change.
Tim Brown
14:56 19 Sep 18
As a community partner I've had numerous very positive experience with Eva Carlston girls who have volunteered in many capacities. Recently I was impressed with the poise and good common sense demonstrated by a few welcoming guests to an event. As often happens, guests had some unique questions and the girls did a great job providing good answers when they knew the answer, and finding help when they didn't know the answer. Simple, but a skill that not all have. Other notable achievements include one of the girls receiving Volunteer of the Month. From what I've seen, this program is having a positive impact on participants and the community.
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